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Carve House is a medium size civil
works and construction company
incorporated in Uganda on 23rd October
with offices located on Plot 69 Industrial Area
7th Street- Kampala.
Our core business focus is in all aspects of
civil works specializing in construction,
reconstruction and maintenance, drainage
and site works for residential and commercial
building developments, pipework, electrical
installation and interior design.
We aim to meet your business needs by offering efficient and cost effective solutions.
To ensure we can successfully deliver on any
project we are supported by a core workforce
a high level of experience, expertise and
knowledge in civil construction, engineering,
electrical installation and interior design


To deliver quality service on time and at a
competitive price with a commitment to
innovation and excellence that invariably
results in a successfully completed project for
both contractor and client.
At Carve House we understand
and promote the idea of working as a
partnership with our clients to ensure their
goals are met.
We aim to ensure that the expectations of the
client, engineer and all stakeholders are fully
complied with and that projects are delivered with
a high standard of workmanship and in a timely
We are firmly committed to partnership type of
arrangements with our clients and each task is
undertaken with a view of establishing and
maintaining an effective long term relationship.
We aim to offer a more personalized approach to
contracting which in turn offers a rapid response and
quality service to the client.
We always use products and materials that meet or
exceed the requirements of the contract
documents and ensure that our staff is adequately

We aim to:
• Perform to our clients expectations
• Control and manage risks
• Generate positive results
We want our clients to trust that we will:
• understand their needs and meet their expectations
• work with them to provide the best most practical
• deliver to realistic program mes and budgets
• provide durable products
• help them to avoid problems
• be honest and straightforward

Our quality management systems ensure that we provide:
• professional and experienced management,
supervision and workforce
• straightforward operating procedures
• engineering expertise
• proved equipment
• high specification components

Human Resources
The company has the following key personnel
1.1 Besigwa Alex Managing Director/ Operations
Educational Qualifications
Bachelors in Commerce-Accounting
1.2 Nakangu Peninnah Director Procurement/ Administration
Educational Qualifications
Bachelors of Commerce-Procurement
1.3 Nambwayo Gladys Accountant
Educational Qualifications
Bachelors in Business administration - Accounting
1.6 Kadenge Amudan Designer/ site supervisor
Educational Qualifications
Ordinary Diploma in architectural drawing and draftsmanship.





The health and safety and welfare of all staff,
subcontractors, clients and visitors is
significantly important to Carve House
and it is our intention to strive for excellence in
the effective health and safety management of
all construction sites under our control.

Always act within the law, adhering to corporate guidelines and
ethical standards.
At the first consultative meeting we clearly identify clients’ needs and
In the initial phase we assemble existing plans of building and office
areas and draw up required plans.
Effective solutions are discussed at this time.
We follow up with a Design Proposal. The presentation to the client
consists of a personalized design proposal with budgetary costs,
furniture suggestions to work within your environment and lighting
solutions to work with your design, enhancing the final layout.
In the planning phase we provide a quotation for the implementation
of the project.
On commencement of construction each phase of construction is
monitored ensuring that the client is kept informed and up to date at
all times.
On completion we hand over the completed site to the client.

Interior design by Carve House aims to
consolidate each client’s needs as well as the specific
project’s requirements into a form which end result is
elegance and good taste.
We aim to recognize the unique character of each home
or commercial space and with the use of both local and
imported materials, develop it into a complementary
interior with an ambience that will echo the desires of our clients.
After receiving a brief, we will do an initial presentation
for the client that will include a furniture layout
indicating the exact furniture and fabrics we propose to
use as well as giving examples of the look we think will
work best. This will allow the client to make any desired
changes, additions etc and then decide what they would
like to proceed with.
We require…………..% deposit to place orders and ask
clients to allow for an agreed time frame for
manufacturing and importation.
We will arrange an installation date and completely oversee
and manage all deliveries of furniture placement. We also
offer to accessorize the entire house, hotel or office with
artwork, mirrors rugs, tables etc

Eve & Nico
Diamond Trust Bank
Mbawo Timber Works Limited
Southern Business Solutions
Translink (U) Limited
Prayosha Enterprises
Vector Uganda Limited

For further information please contact
The Managing Director Alex Besigwa.
Telephone: +256-752 744627


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